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We are SaaS entrepreneurs and operators turned investors, investing in what we know and love: European SaaS and enterprise tech.

Our vision is to be the VC we never had, creating the conditions for extraordinary success for our portfolio and the wider ecosystem.

Founded in 2009, we have now made more than 60 investments and are committed to supporting our founders every step of the way on their extraordinary journeys.

What’s our ideal deal?

Early stage SaaS and enterprise tech start-ups, growing fast, and headquartered in Europe.

We look for founders with an elusive combination of qualities that will enable them to beat the odds to build large, category leading companies.

Notion has its roots in SaaS and has evolved its focus to reflect the way the market is changing.

We believe that there’s never been a better time to invest in SaaS with so many processes and workflows still being performed manually or by outdated on-premise software. We break down the market opportunity as follows:

  • General SaaS – horizontal software applications that reside in the cloud as a single instance with subscription or transactional revenue models.
  • Industry Disruptors – cloud based software and infrastructure transforming entire industries such as Fintech, Martech, HRTech, Healthtech, InsurTech, Agritech and RegTech.
  • Frontier Tech – deep, groundbreaking tech that typically requires a larger upfront investment in the team and the tech before commercialisation.

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What’s our purpose?

To create the conditions for extraordinary success, with the entrepreneur at the centre.

We invest early, primarily at Series A, when we can build strong relationships and help shape the future success of our companies. Within our portfolio and beyond, we are building a thriving enterprise tech ecosystem that harnesses and recycles, knowledge, resources, talent and of course money to support generations of entrepreneurs and help them build companies that can upend and dominate their markets.

What makes us different?

  1. Focus: Exclusively investing in B2B SaaS, with the funds necessary to support companies from Series A to Series D;
  2. Team: A team of subject matter experts, all experienced in B2B SaaS, investing in and working with enterprise tech founders, companies and experts every day; and
  3. Value: We have a shared ethos of value add, offering a unique founder experience and helping our companies fulfill their potential.

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How do we help?

Our platform team is one of the best resourced and forward thinking teams in Europe and is focused on delivering a unique founder experience and helping our founders and their teams accelerate their success and deliver better outcomes.

  • We support our founders and their senior teams on their most critical priorities.
  • We distill and share knowledge on start up, grow up and scale up challenges to create a powerful collective intelligence and are constantly nurturing a community of world class entrepreneurs, executives and experts with deep domain expertise.
  • And we support our portfolio with a dedicated talent practice to help them hire ever-better people and build high performing organisations.

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Our guiding principles?

We believe that how we behave is as important as what we do.

Have fun, make money
For us there is no point in one without the other. We’re friendly and informal, but driven by a relentless hunger to win. We intend to deliver tremendous returns to our investors but have fun while we’re doing it.

Challenge everything
We hold no regard for the status quo; boundaries are there to be broken. We are open to challenge, and challenge openly, fueled by a belief in a diversity of views and a desire to learn.

Play the long game
We aim to build powerful partnerships, lasting relationships and long term value.

Don’t be a dick
We treat everyone the same, do what we say we will and expect the same in return. We will never abuse our position (although we frequently abuse each other!)

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